The Music Box specializes in teaching music to children.  We offer music lessons to children beginning at age 5.  We provide music lessons from an experienced, qualified  professional in Piano, Cello, Flute, Clarinet, Sax  and Voice. We are a small, family, home-based business and commit to enriching your child's life with a quality musical education in a relaxed, friendly and professional setting.

Your child is offered the choice of musical experience.  Study from The Royal Conservatory of Music syllabus, compete in the Greater Victoria Performing Arts Festival, learn just for fun, or choose a combination of paths.

At The Music Box we offer a no obligation one month trial period on all our lessons and classes. If any time it becomes evident that your child is not enjoying themselves, is not interested in their lessons or is not showing any progress we will let you know immediately so that we can work together to try and solve any issues in a timely manner. We offer quality musical education at an affordable price without any registration fees.


Piano Lessons

Piano Lessons start as early as five years of age.  With the wide range of piano methods available today, we choose materials to suit your child and their learning style.  Most students leave their very first piano lesson being able to play at least three songs.

Not sure whether you should buy a digital piano or an acoustic piano for home practice?  At The Music Box we have both acoustic and digital pianos.  The following article, from, may be helpful in assessing your needs and directing you to the right choice for you and your family.  Digital or Acoutic Piano?


 For scheduling and fees, please contact the studio

Registration is accepted on an ongoing basis throughout the year.